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become a 'world' physio!!

Hi, my name is Mike Hawkins, I'm Canadian and we are a team of friendly, physio's in lovely Lohr am Main near Würzburg and Aschaffenburg.

We are looking for a motivated physiotherapist interested in expanding and applying the latest in evidence-based PT research outcomes into his or her work. These revolutionary developments into how we can best help people with musculoskeletal pain and disablity are rapidly evolving, it's all very exciting and already changing the physiotherapy world. You can be a part of it!

We look forward to hearing from you!


  • Orthopädie
  • Neurologie
  • Chirurgie
  • Traumatologie


  • Manuelle Therapie
  • KG Gerät


Herr Michael Hawkins
Ignatius-Taschner-Str. 9
97816 Lohr

Telefon: 09352-4141
E-Mail: mike.hawkins@gmx.de
Homepage: https://www.valentinus.de