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European Congress on Physiotherapy Education

Datum Donnerstag 04.11.2004–
Freitag 05.11.2004
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Objectives of Congress and main Subjects:

1 - To focus on new challenges in Europe between education and employment policies in the health sector

  • Bologna Process

  • Pathways to accreditation

  • Manpower planning

  • Changes in health; population needs; and delivery of services

  • 2 - To Focus on the continuing development of physiotherapy as a scientific and practice based discipline

  • Teaching and learning Evidence based practice using research guidelines and standards of practice

  • Clinical reasoning and decision making in physiotherapy

  • Interdisciplinary learning and practice

  • Education and developing professional identity

  • 3 - To provide a forum for dissemination of research and quality development in education

  • Quality assurance in higher education

  • Innovation in curriculum development

  • 4 - To explore a range of opportunities for lifelong learning

  • Information and communication technologies (ICT)

  • Lifelong learning

  • Masters and PhD's Bridging academia and practice

  • Quality Assurance of continuing education

  • 5 - To facilitate the development of education methods, specialisation and work based learning

  • Learning from practice

  • Approaches to learning

  • Education for specialisation and employment


  • Key presenters

  • Panels and Round Table Discussions

  • Presentations of research and special interest reports

  • Poster exhibition

  • Student Forum

  • Pre and post courses and workshops

  • Post Congress Seminar for the European Region to develop strategy of action based on the conclusions of the congress

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