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Der World Physiotherapy Congress 2023 findet vom 2. bis 4. Juni 2023 in Dubai, VAE, statt.

Es bietet eine gute Gelegenheit, sich mit Expertinnen und Experten und mit Kolleginnen und Kollegen aus der ganzen Welt zu treffen, Innovationen auszutauschen und Ideen aus Forschung, Bildung, Management, Politik und klinischer Praxis zu diskutieren.


The World Physiotherapy congress offers you a unique opportunity to present to a global audience at the profession’s largest international meeting. Whether you have been working on a research project or have an innovative service, practice, resource, or theory to share, World Physiotherapy is encouraging physiotherapists from all over the world, at every level of the profession, to submit their abstracts. 

Abstracts are invited that:  

  • report on the latest research with original scientific data (this includes systematic/narrative reviews and meta-analyses; submissions with pending results and study protocols will not be accepted)

  • address new and unique developments in practice, theory, education, management, policy and resources 

  • describe innovative ways in which established methods have been adapted to meet the changing needs of practice

Registration fees announced

Registration fees for World Physiotherapy Congress 2023 are now available.

With registration fees announced, you can now start planning your attendance at congress. This is your opportunity to meet your international colleagues face to face for the first time in four years.  

World Physiotherapy Congress 2023 is an in-person event. However, for those unable to join the event in Dubai we have an online event option, 23-25 June 2023. 

Congress courses announced

Clinical visits offer you a unique opportunity to see how physiotherapy is practised in the United Arab Emirates.

The Emirates Physiotherapy Society has arranged for public and private physiotherapy facilities to open their doors to visits by congress participants. Clinical visits are only open to participants who have registered for the full congress and carry a separate fee. 

Besuchen Sie die Website für den Weltkongress für Physiotherapie 2023